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"Efflorescence" Original Painting

"Efflorescence" Original Painting

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32" Acrylic on MDF, 2024

**Price includes shipping within North America (minus Hawaii)** Please allow three weeks to ship from date of purchase. For outside of North America, please scroll down.

One of my personal favourites for it's detail and delicate serenity, "Efflorescence" literally means a period or state or flowering. This piece took approximately 90 hours to complete.

I wanted this piece to feel like those first days of blooming that happen in the spring. Delicate, like the season could change its mind and go back to being winter, but filled with the endless possibility and potential for growth that a new beginning brings.⁣

I pushed myself technically with this piece, incorporating designs of increasing detail and skill level.

To watch the video reveal of this piece on Instagram, click here.

For shipping to Hawaii and overseas, collectors will pay a subsidized $150 (CAD) shipping fee at checkout (majority of the total shipping price is covered in the total cost of the painting) as large pieces like this one cost on average around $400 CAD to ship overseas.

Shipping Information

Shipping within Canada and the US is included in the price, with a shipping surcharge added for those overseas.

Please allow up to 3 weeks for these pieces to ship as we work hard to ensure your painting makes it to you safely.

Original Paintings come complete with customs paperwork and should not be subject to additional customs charges as laid out by the Harmonized Tariff System. However this is not a guarantee and Lauren Saunders is not responsible for any customs charges that may arise upon delivery.

Collectors will be provided with shipping information as soon as the piece is shipped, and will stay in regular contact with Lauren up until and during the shipping process. Expect a personal thank you email from me within 24 hours of your purchase!


Each piece is hand-glazed with a matte/satin-finish varnish for UV protection and longevity, and comes ready to hang.

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